Cleansing and Clearing

Changing Our Habits Five Week Course

Habits. We all have them, we all live our lives by them. Some habits are helpful and good for our health and mental emotional happiness. Others are more limiting and stop us from stepping out to create what it is that we want in life.

CHANGING HABITS course notes. Please read before starting. 

This track will clear feelings and energy of invalidation from your field.
It is sometimes painful to open the heart to love and we fear the pain. But without love life is empty. This track will help you open up your heart to receive love once more.
In an ideal world we are our greatest supporter, we love and cherish ourselves no matter what we do. But in reality we so often betray ourselves in order to keep peace, or to make life easier for othersThis track will help you release the betrayal and self betrayal that are stopping you from opening your heart fully.

Releasing the Fear Parts 1- 3

Living in fear is such an awful way to live life, as it pervades everything that we do. These three tracks help us release the fear that we carry, so that we can be free to live as we wish.
The dark energy within the cosmos has had a hold on the earth and humanity for so long, we have often forgotten what it is like to live in the light, or in the balance between light and dark. In order to move more towards the light we need to let go of the grip that the dark has over us. This track will help you step free from the ancient hold.
release anxiety
Anxiety is not good for the body, mind or emotions. In this track you will your connection to the universe and be able to relax into knowing how cared for and loved you are.
release doubt
Doubt pervades everything we do and believe, and our relationships. This short track helps release this. Listen as often as you need until you feel the doubt has passed. You can listen several times in one go.
cleansing and clearing
You know those times when your mind will not let go of a thought. It goes round and round in circles driving you crazy. This track will help clear that thought.
clear stuck energy
Even when we have worked hard to clear ourselves of old energy, there can sometimes be remnants left within us. This track is to help shift this old stuck energy. Listen as often as you need.
find clarity
When we are bombarded with other's thoughts, opinions and feelings, it is very hard to listen to ourselves and to see a path for ourselves. This track will help clear away the noise, so that you can see more clearly and find it easier to create your path ahead.
Anger is a not a bad emotion, but when it becomes lodged within us, then it can become self destructive. This track helps lift the anger that we struggle to release.
Guilt, shame, and doubt can stop us from accepting the abundance that is ours from the universe. This track comes from spirit to help us clear the internal energy blocks that stop us embracing all that we long for.
Relaxation of the physical body is really important. When we hold tension in our physical level this will translate into tension in the energetic levels, blocking us from stepping into our journey. Play this track whenever you feel the need to just let go.
High cortisol levels sneak up on us. We go through a period of stress and rather than coming down out of it, we stay in our fight or flight mode. Not realising this, it simply becomes our new and natural way of being. We forget how great it felt to be at home in ourselves. Daily listening of this track will help to reduce our high levels of cortisol that can result in headaches, weight gain and fatigue. Particularly effective when listened to with the "Relax In to Your Body" track.
Keeping our energy clear is a task that we have to carry out repeatedly as we are like sponges taking on this energy. Some of it is much harder to release and this track will help to remove those deeply embedded energetic implants, so that our energy becomes clear.
prove yourself
There is this idea that we have to constantly strive and work hard to prove ourselves as worthy. Worthy of what? We do not have to be anything other than ourselves. This track helps us to release the idea that we have to constantly be challenging ourselves in order to prove our worth.
When we carry guilt we stifle our growth and stay small. We feel unable to shine because we are burdened by the shame or debt that we carry. By releasing the guilt we can open up to all that we are without denying our magnificence. Listen as often as you need.
We carry so much regret and shame from experiences within our life, feelings that do not help us in moving forward on our path to peace. I was told by spirit that forgiveness is the energy that we need right now and so this track was downloaded from them.
Some days life can throw so much at us that we feel like a kettle that is going to explode unless it can let off steam. This track has been channelled to help us release this pressure so that we can come back into a flow with the universe.