Working With Angels Course

Working WIth Your Angelic Family

Meet your angels


Working with the angels and archangels is fun, reassuring and empowering. These loving beings await to help us. Meet your angels in this light filled course.

Years ago, we worked naturally with the angels. Over time, we lost our connection to them. Life became lonelier and more challenging.

This workshop is an opportunity for you to reconnect with these divine beings who want to help us in every possible way.

Tuning in to the angels is fun and very uplifting. Communicating with the angels opens new doors and opportunities. Working with angels helps you to rebuild the trust you once had in the nature of the universe.

During this one-day workshop, you will rediscover:

  • how to connect with these loving and powerful beings
  • how to cut cords to free yourself from negative energy
  • how angels can help you in everyday life
  • the names of the Angels and the purpose of each one
  • how to cleanse your energy
  • the methods in which the angels communicate with us

and much more…

Bringing the angels back into your life is a gift you will always treasure.

The courses are run in small groups or one to one. Dates can be arranged to suit you.

Please email me or call me to check availability.