Reiki Master Course

Usui Reiki Master Course - Share Your Passion


The first stage is the apprenticeship stage of the Reiki Master journey.
Becoming a Reiki Master is a powerful tool for self-development. It is a decision that will change your life, for which you need to be ready. The purpose of this level (3A) is to assess how prepared you are and the ability of your aura to accept the higher frequency of this level. This initiation also raises a “life issue” which you must acknowledge before moving on to the next stage. This course takes one day.



This is the second part of the Reiki Master journey. You will know in your heart if you are aligned with the master energy and ready to step forward to be a master.

Over these two days, as well as learning the master symbol, you will be taught all the initiation processes to allow you to teach others all degrees of Reiki. You will also learn more Japanese Reiki techniques to help you to become a clearer Reiki channel. You will also receive full teaching notes and healing pointers applicable only to the Master Degree.

A large part of the course will be devoted to practical experience. During the course you will come to realise that you already have all the tools necessary to become the most competent and skilled Reiki Master possible. During the following months, as the attunement settles and you design your courses, support will be available, if needed, so that when you step out as a new Reiki Master, you will feel confident. In this way, we ensure that the highest standards of teaching and healing are maintained.


These courses are held throughout the year, but are by individual appointment only. Please phone or e-mail me for further information.

If you feel you are not ready yet to begin this journey, but would a refresher then perhaps a one day Reiki refresher course would be suitable for you.