Healing Services

healing hands reikiIf you are seeking deeper relaxation, emotional balance, and a pathway to calm and peace and improved health, then you need to discover the transformative power of Reiki healing. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing energy that brings deep relaxation, soothes emotions, eases physical pain, and reduces negative feelings.

Pellowah Energy HealingPellowah Healing is a transformative life-changing experience that offers a radical shift in consciousness, leading to profound changes in your life. This unique form of healing helps dissolve obstacles that seemed insurmountable, releasing the grip of past pains and making way for a future where you are in control and life flows effortlessly.

angelHave you ever felt unexpectedly protected in uncomfortable situations or sudden feelings of warmth and love? These are the calling cards of the angels.

Angels have been with us our whole lives, helping us and easing our pains and sorrows.

Arbah Healing is suitable for more extreme cases, especially mental illness, autism and chronic disease and when the personality is in distress. This form of healing is like an organ transplant but for the aura instead of the body.

chakrasIf you are feeling imbalanced, dissatisfied, unable to express yourself, ungrounded or simply not flowing with life, then it may be that one or more of your chakras is out of balance or closed.

Chakra balancing creates harmony between our will, divine purpose, and emotional state. Being in harmony helps our life purpose arise as we become able to place our focus on our heart and communication with our divine self.

Reiki healing | Crystal Healing TherapyCrystal healing relieves everyday and deep-rooted tensions, revitalising and relaxing you and bringing increased feelings of peace and harmony.

Crystal healing aims to restore a sense of wholeness and harmony and to balance your body’s energy systems.  Moreover, crystals can help repair damage to the chakras and aura and remove energetic blockages.

elementsIn this beautiful healing session I welcome in all the light beings, ascended masters, magical beings and elements and so much more, to help you rediscover the magical light that lies within you, just awaiting activation.

By harnessing the magic of these energies we can create transformation within you, releasing stuck energies, clearing karmic lines, returning your sovereignity to you, empowering and bringing joy into your life, and so much more.


Past Life Assimilation allows us to delete a past life event or past life trauma at its source. By doing so, the entire thread and effect of this past life, is deleted as though it never happened.

We are all living out remnants of our past lives. Like a thread running through time, a moment from a past life stays with us now and impacts our choices, our relationships, our view of the world and much more.

soul guidance readingsSoul Guidance Readings help shine a light on the issues with which you are struggling in your life.

In a session of Soul Guidance Reading, I connect with source to receive, on your behalf, messages about your life, relationships and whatever else source needs you to know.

oracle card readingsOracle Card Readings help us navigate through the challenges that life throws at us. Unlike some tarot, there are no negative nor frightening images, only reassurance and possibility. A reading provides guidance on what you can do in life, not what you can’t.