1st Degree Reiki

FIRST DEGREE COURSE – The ultimate Reiki course.

Have you ever wondered if you can heal? Have you felt a burning desire to help others? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Forget what you see in other courses. I believe that the rules that have been applied to Reiki have merely restricted its power, and yours. Reiki is an energy which flows naturally and my purpose as a Reiki master is to remind you of your natural connection to this beautiful and inspiring energy.

This indepth and powerful course aims to give you the best start on your Reiki journey.

In this degree you are attuned to the Reiki energy through a series of four attunements. As soon as you have received the attunements the Reiki energy will flow through you, giving you the longed for gift of healing. You will feel energised and balanced as you feel the power of Reiki for the first time. You don’t need any special talents or rituals for the Reiki to work. Simply opening your heart releases the flow of Reiki.

You are also be taught the history and principles of Reiki, Japanese energy exercises, the pwer of rituals, how to listen to your body, how to intuitively place your hands, the power of intention in healing, the cause of disease, anatomy and physiology and meditation to meet your guides and angels.

You will be given all the knowledge and practical experience you need to allow you to be the most effective healer possible.

This degree encourages you to heal yourself first before moving on to help others.

Full support is available after the course for any questions or issues that may arise. Or you may just wish to say how wonderful Reiki is.

If the dates below are not convenient for you, please do inquire, as other dates can be arranged

Course duration: 2 days.

12th – 13th May 2022

26th – 27th May 2022

13th – 14th June 2022

30th June – 1st July 2022

11th – 12th July 2022

29th – 30th July 2022

Some weekend courses are available on request.

To book a course just call me on 01273 679999/07966 528455 or email me.

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