Crystal Healing Courses

Crystal Healing Courses - Deepening Your Conneciont with the Divine Elemental Crystal Kingdom

Would you like to learn more about healing crystals and how to use them to enhance your life, to heal yourself and others and connect with the gifts of these healing elements.

In this two day crystal healing course, you will learn how to listen to the energy of the stones and develop an intuition about how and when to use them and more:

Day 1

  • History of crystals and their use
  • Subtle anatomy of the aura and chakras
  • How they work with the body
  • Charging, cleansing and protecting crystals
  • Healing properties of the most common stones
  • How to use crystals for personal use – wearing, sleeping with
  • How the shape of a crystal influences its use
  • Meditations with crystals to uncover their properties
  • Basic crystal layout
  • Dowsing
  • Crystals and the chakras
  • Platonic solids
  • Light language activations to the chakra set in order to help you deeply connect to the spirits of the crystals
  • Journeys with the spirits of the crystals

Day 2

  • Making crystal essences – incl how to use poisonous stones safely
  • Using crystals to clear energy of a room – ley lines
  • Use of wands in clearing chakras and re-aligning aura
  • Crystal grids
  • Crystals for home and office
  • Programming crystals and clearing programmes
  • Choosing crystals for healing
  • Placing crystals on the body
  • Developing sensitivity
  • Crystal mandala as a meditation tool
  • How to make a crystal altar for intention

This course will truly deepen your connection to these elements of our natural world.

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Crystals will be available for purchase after the course.