Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing - Bathe in Divine Energy

Crystal healing relieves everyday and deep-rooted tensions, revitalising and relaxing you and bringing increased feelings of peace and harmony.

Crystal healing aims to restore a sense of wholeness and harmony and to balance your body’s energy systems. As your energy system rebalances, it creates balance in other body systems. Moreover, Crystals can help repair damage to the chakras and aura and remove energetic blockages.

Crystals are a gift from the earth and galaxy to us and have been used for healing since ancient times by many cultures. The crystals I use, originate from all over the earth and outer space as meteorites.

Furthermore, crystals are powerful transmitters of energy. Every type of crystal has a different energy, working with the body in a unique way. By choosing the appropriate crystals and placing them on the body, crystal healing has a wonderful and restorative effect on the body’s energy.

The structure of a crystal vibrates with energy in a very ordered pattern. When placed on the body, this vibration creates order within your structure – your body.

During a session, you become a part of the crystal grid as our bodies contain the same elements as the crystals. This grid activates our crystalline body, creating balance with the healing crystals.

Crystal healing is a holistic therapy, which means the focus is on you as a whole rather than just your physical symptoms alone. After all, health is a holistic state.

A session may involve using chakra stones, platonic solids and other crystals placed on and around the body, thus creating a grid of energy around you, which interacts lovingly with your energy system, creating a healthy flow of energy within us.

Crystal Healing also complements other forms of therapy and may be combined with Reiki and  Pellowah.


Sessions last 1 hour.

Please do email me with any questions or to book.