Arbah Healing

Arbah Healing is suitable for more extreme cases, especially mental illness, autism and chronic disease and when the personality is in distress. This form of healing is like an organ transplant but for the aura instead of the body.

This healing technique allows for a piece of the aura to be cut out from the auric field, treated, and replaced into the aura. This piece of aura carries within it a new positive blueprint for change. Over time, the new blueprint spreads into the rest of the aura.

Like any organ transplant, the recipient may not accept the energy. The soul must “agree” to the changes.

The effects of the healing of the spiritual DNA can take several weeks to appear. If the soul accepts the new healing codes, dramatic results can occur.

The new spiritual light codes in the DNA can result in the personality altering and disease vanishing, as the Arbah encourages them to reconstruct new energy from within, having been given the pattern to copy from.

It is suitable in cases of:

  • panic attacks
  • depression
  • mental problems
  • cancer patients
  • mental illness
  • severe and chronic diseases of all kinds
  • mental anguish and despair
  • ADHD
  • addictions
  • phobias
  • children with behavioural problems

We recommend that an Arbah healing session is followed immediately by a Pellowah session, which assists in the process of integration. (See Crisis Healing Package)

If you are drawn to this healing technique please do reach out to discuss your needs.

Arbah healing can be done in person at my therapy room in Brighton, East Sussex or distantly.

or call 07966 528455