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Becoming Whole – Exploring Aspects of The Self

* The Soul
* The Body
* The Heart
* The Mind
Where do all these aspects meet? How do they connect and how do they make us whole?
Science, whilst it has gifted us with so much, it has also created a separation in the various parts of ourselves. Science has looked at us and seen us, not as a whole, but as different sections with each to be treated and healed in a different way; never looking at the interconnectedness of life or ourselves.
It has led medicine, too often, to dismiss the impact that our mind or our emotions, has upon our physical health. When we believe that we are not connected, then healing the whole is impossible.
The future of our health, our holistic health, means addressing this separation and finding our way back to wholeness.
In this first of a series of light language events, based on our health and wholeness, we will be looking at the connection between these four aspects of our being and bathing in the healing and nurturing sounds of light language in order to assist us in reconnecting the missing and neglected parts of ourselves.
This event will be held in person, but will also be live streamed via YouTube.
Early bird tickets £10 until 31/5/2024
£12 thereafter

The Power of The Body-Mind Connection Light Language Event

We so often think of the body and its problems as being totally separate from the mind and our emotions. Diseases seem to arise out of nowhere.
But there is a clear and powerful link between our physical self, our thoughts and the way we view ourselves.
Through understanding this link we can support our body and our health simply and powerfully.
In this light language evening we will be exploring the link between our feelings and our body and bringing through light language to support the systems of our physical form.
Hanover Centre, Southover Street.
14th August 2024 7.30pm to 9pm
Tickets £12
This event will also be live streamed via Facebook.
Christina is a healer, energy teacher and light language channel. She is passionate about energy and in helping others reach their potential.
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