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The Wisdom of The Child

Children should be seen and not heard. These might be words said in the Victorian era, but so often they still apply today.
The adult is seen as the wisdom bringer, the wise counsel and the one who knows how to navigate this world. But this denies the wisdom that the child brings.
Adults are so often caught up in the traumas of their life that they forget the simple wisdoms of living in the moment, seeing positivity in everything, believing and trusting in each other and in the gift of laughter.
In this wonderful, light filled evening, we will bring through the energy of childhood; the joy, the hope, the positivity, to help us remember that being human is not all stress and weighty decisions.
Let’s bring the energy of the child back into our lives and reconnect with the lightness of being a child.
As well as sharing insights on how we can live more childishly, we will invite the light beings in to share their divine healing through the sounds of light language.
This event is in person but will be live streamed via YouTube for ticket holders. Link will be emailed shortly before the event begins. Please ensure you have access to YouTube and are signed in with your email address.
Christina is a healer, energy teacher and light language channel. She is passionate about energy and in helping others reach their potential.
£10 before 21st Feb.
£12 thereafter
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