Remembering The Lemurian Starchild Within Light Language Event

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Lemuria, like Atlantis, was an ancient civilisation here on Earth. It was for many their first experience of life as a human being.

It was a place of peace, learning, culture and spirituality. After its collapse, it was feared that the knowledge of Lemuria was lost; the wisdom of who we are at our soul level and the light that we carry.

But that energy is always within us, within our Lemurian Star Child.

In this special event we will allow the light language of Lemuria to flow, in order to help us reconnect to the Lemurian Star Child that still resides within us. You came here to embody this light, to be a rule breaker and help shatter the illusions that grip the world and stop it rising into its divine form.

As we embrace that divine light, we raise the vibration of the whole world, helping to create a new Lemuria, a world of peace and love.


1 review for Remembering The Lemurian Starchild Within Light Language Event

  1. Carol J.

    These events just keep getting better and more powerful.

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