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Reiki, Pellowah, Arbah, Past Life Assimilation, Angel Healing, Oracle Cards, Crystals, Chakras, Soul Guidance, Chakra Balancing and Light Language

I am Christina, a compassionate, experienced healer and teacher in Brighton, East Sussex.

Hello and welcome to the beginning of the new you.

Start Your Healing Journey Today

Unlock a life of joy, purpose, and well-being with energy healing. Begin your transformational journey now and take the first step towards the happiness you deserve.

You’re here because you are feeling dissatisfied, exhausted by life, and less than joyful. Perhaps life feels overwhelming and you find  depression is beginning to knock at your door. But you know medication will not solve anything. Your lack of self-worth, fulfilment, the exhaustion, are all symptoms of a deeper problem.


Meet Your True Self

Embrace Your Journey of Discovery

You know there is more to life, more to you. You’ve tried traditional routes but nothing worked. You are looking for a way to heal, truly heal, your body, mind and spirit and feel that wholeness, peace and calm, that is missing in your life right now.

I understand this deep longing for a life filled with joy, purpose, and a sense of living your best life and feeling aligned with your spirit. You’re not alone on this journey.
You’ve felt the call for change, and now is your moment to answer. Let’s explore the possibilities together. Discover how we can address not just symptoms, but the root cause of your issues.

Overcome Life’s Disappointments

Break Free From Emotional & Physical Burdens

Your Path to Healing

Be Guided by Expertise & Compassion

As an experienced healer, soul guide, and teacher of energy healing, I have guided countless lost souls to rediscover their inner strength, purpose, and joy, transforming their lives from the inside out. My approach is rooted in empathy, understanding, and a deep commitment to your well-being and a strong belief in your capacity to live life as you wish.

  • Personalized Healing Sessions: Your journey begins with individual healing sessions, or healing packages, tailored to address your unique needs and hopes.
  • Comprehensive Healing Courses and Events: When you feel ready I offer a range of energy courses, and live events, designed to raise your vibration, keep you moving forward on your journey of self-empowerment and joy.
  • Direct Support: Benefit from ongoing, direct support from me, ensuring personalized guidance throughout your journey.

How We Work Together

Your Healing Blueprint

Tailored Sessions & Empowering Courses and Events

Leave Behind The Old Cycles of Pain and Disappointment

Choose Healing and Fulfillment

How many more days will you allow yourself to feel unfulfilled and lost? Energy healing provides a real path to breaking free from life’s burdens, offering a future where you feel energized, purposeful, and truly alive. Isn’t it time to make a new choice? One that values you.

Imagine waking each day filled with energy and clarity. Through our healing sessions, events and courses, you can discover how to live a life that’s not just survived, but truly and deeply lived.


That is the reality that awaits you.

Embrace Your Radiant Future

Live with Joy, Purpose, and Well-being

To discuss how working together will change your life, please contact me.


Email: christina@stepintoyourlight.co.uk

Tel: 07966 528455

Please also feel free to check out my YouTube channel for free meditations and light language events.

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