Healing Therapies in Brighton

Reiki, Pellowah, Arbah, Past Life Assimilation, Angel Healing, Oracle Cards, Crystals, Chakras, Soul Guidance, Chakra Balancing and Light Language

I am here to help you find your light, restore your health and discover your own inner strength and power.

No matter your problem, there is a solution. Hand in hand we can find it. The help you need is only a phone call or email away.

If you’re here today you are feeling dissatisfied, exhausted by life, burnt out and less than joyful. Perhaps life feels overwhelming and you find yourself feeling stressed, getting sick, in pain or feeling depressed and hopeless. You are looking for a natural way to help you create a sense of purpose in life, joy and ease and good health.

I am here to help you heal and to create a life of joy, purpose, and well-being. I long to teach you to be you, to love and accept all that you are and to see your beauty. If you are ready to start your transformational journey and take the first step towards the happiness you deserve then reach out.

My name is Christina, a compassionate and experienced healer in Brighton, East Sussex.

how i can help you

Individual Healing Sessions

I offer a range of therapies to suit your needs.

From the physical and mental relaxation of a Reiki or crystal healing session, to the radical shift in consciousness of a Pellowah healing, to the crisis healing energy of Arbah and Past Life Assimilation to clear any past life blockages, there is something for you.

Soul guidance and oracle card readings will help you know which turn in life to take.

There is a healing session for YOU

Transformational Healing Packages

If you are looking to go deeper into your healing journey and truly create a transformation in your life, then a healing package will be for you.

Each package is carefully tailored to bring about the transformation you want.

Healing Courses

When you are ready to deepen your experience of healing you may wish to embark on a healing course.

Not only will you be able to heal yourself and others, the gift of studying and being attuned to a healing energy is immense.
The courses spark a spiritual awakening and personal growth which resonates throughout our lives.

Courses are available in

Live Events

To help you continue your spiritual growth, physical recovery and emotional balance, I offer live light language based events throughout the year.

Light language is an energy healing based on sound. These healing sounds create shifts within the physical, emotional and mental bodies to bring a sense of peace, balance, harmony.

They foster a sense of joy and calm and help support us as we move forward on our journey of stepping fully into our light.


Are you ready to discover a happy, healthy and joyful you?

If you’re unsure of what you need let’s start with a free 20 minute chat.

Email: christina@stepintoyourlight.co.uk

Tel: 07966 528455

Or use the booking form if you know what calls to you.

Please also feel free to check out my YouTube channel for free meditations and light language events.

‘Christina is a wonderful healer and also a lovely person. Christina has an invigorating enthusiasm and purest of need and ability to help others and it is through this that she is able to provide such a warm, relaxing and calm healing experience. I would not hesitate in recommending Christina to anyone. It is has been and continues to be an absolute pleasure knowing Christina’

How can I help you?