Pellowah, Radical Shift in Consciousness - the Perfect Ascension Tool

Pellowah is simply extraordinary and life-changing. This healing energy makes obstacles that once seemed insurmountable vanish. The impact of our past pains is released, as they no longer hold power over us and our future. Attitudes with which we struggled for so long disappear. Positive thoughts replace negative ones.
Pellowah Energy Healing

Pellowah is an angelic word meaning “Radical Shift in Consciousness”, but it is not an Angelic energy. Pellowah is simply cosmic consciousness channelled by the practitioner and into the client.
Pellowah very simply expands and opens our consciousness with extraordinary results.

We often find ourselves in life following paths that do not bring us joy, repeating patterns that are not healthy for us, and living a life that feels like a betrayal to our unique soul. We do this because we tend to be asleep to the real needs of our body and soul, following the advice and influence of others or society. And so we find ourselves in situations and relationships that are far from ideal for us. 

We do not find solutions to our disharmony easily because we continue looking in the same places and asking the same questions.
So what happens when we expand and shift our consciousness?
We begin to see our repeated patterns and how others have influenced our lives and decisions. We feel empowered to make changes for our own benefit and awaken to our real needs and desires of our heart and soul, with a strengthened ability to build our dreams.

We also gain clarity, certainty, and a connection to our higher wisdom. As a result, our physical world adapts in order to match our new raised energy vibration.
We also find that our feelings about past traumas change as we let go of the importance of the past. Pellowah builds on the positive in our lives and does not ask us to examine the shadow, as many therapies do. There is no cathartic process.

You begin to see new possibilities where previously you saw a dead end. Those old perspectives that had you stuck are seen clearly in the light for the first time, leading to a new perspective on life.
It’s time to open your world and see what else is there for you. There is a whole world waiting for you. Let Pellowah introduce it to you.
In a Pellowah session, you will lie on a comfortable couch and wear an eye mask and ear plugs if you wish. These will help you listen to your experience of Pellowah and not be distracted by outside interference.

The practitioner will then begin working with the Pellowah energy. What you feel is individual and is always right for you.
Pellowah is a constant journey of self-discovery and rich with possibility and potential.

At the end of the session, the practitioner will guide you to begin reflecting on the session.

Pellowah sessions are given in person and distantly. They are equally as powerful and effective.

Pellowah sessions with healing crystals also available.

If you would like to know more this video will let you know everything about Pellowah.

Many who have experienced Pellowah healing feel the call to learn it and experience even deeper shifts in their life, and be able to offer Pellowah sessions to others, if they wish.

Pellowah courses are held throughout the year.

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