Healing Courses

healing crystalsWould you like to learn more about healing crystals and how to use them to enhance your life, to heal yourself and others and connect with the gifts of these healing elements.

In this two day crystal healing course, you will learn how to listen to the energy of the stones and develop an intuition about how and when to use them and more

Meet your angels BrightonWorking with the angels and archangels is fun, reassuring and empowering. These loving beings await to help us. Meet your angels in this light filled course.

This workshop is an opportunity for you to reconnect with these divine beings who want to help us in every possible way.

Learning Pellowah is the most incredible gift you can give to yourself.

Pellowah is not only simple to learn but is possibly one of the most accessible healing modalities to use for the benefit of others. Although, you do not have to work with others to learn Pellowah. Pellowah can be just for you. The expansion in consciousness is life-changing.

Reiki Courses

reiki symbolReiki is a beautiful system of healing which allows us to heal ourselves, heal other and teach Reiki .

I teach all levels of Reiki from the 1st Degree to Master.

All courses can be taught one to one or in small groups.


1st Degree Course

2nd Degree Course

3rd Degree and Master