About Christina

I am a light bringer and teller of truths, a practitioner of light medicine and a light language channel. My purpose is to assist this world, and you, through this time of ascension.

I am passionate about energy and passionate about helping you to activate your own power. Happiness and freedom are our birth right but for too long we have lived with the expectation that life should be full of fear and misery.

I want to show that this is not so. You can live the life that you wish. All it takes is for you to recognise that you are the co-creator of your own life. I want to help you to build the life for which your soul longs – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually; to help you to truly and deeply love yourself.

Above all my wish is to help you to wake up to your divinity and the true light of your soul.

The Healing Session

I work intuitively allowing your body and spirit to tell me what it needs, so that we bring light to the areas of your body or life that need healing.

A session may involve a mix of healing energies, pellowah, crystals, ascended master cards, readings, angels, flower remedies, soul mediumship and light language and any other modalities that you need to help you break through to your light. I know that together we can create miracles.

However it may be that you feel drawn to a particular therapy and if so we can use just one therapy within your session. The healing session is your space and we will do what you feel comfortable with and what calls you.

Within every session it is my wish to provide you with the space to honestly express your feelings and fears, to heal them and find a place of acceptance for who you are. I aim to give you the tools you need to allow you to continue your growth outside of the healing session, which may include meditations I have created.

Learning with Me

I offer a range of courses from Reiki to Psychic Development and Crystal Healing.

I am not your teacher, all I do is remind you of who you are and awaken that memory inside of you. It doesn’t really matter where you start as once you are awakened you will find your path.

We are all the masters of our own lives and have the power and ability to build our lives in the way we choose. All we need to do is remember who we are. I can help.

Please do call me or email me.

If you wish to learn how to empower others I also run courses in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Psychic Development, Kundalini Reiki and Meeting your Angels.

Training and Qualifications:

Usui Reiki Master and Teacher

Pellowah Level 2 Practitioner

Kundalini Reiki Master and Teacher

Diploma in Crystal Healing

Diploma in Animal Reiki

Certified Angel Therapist

Violet Flame Channel

Medium and Psychic

Starseed and Light Language Channel

For the past 28 years I have devoted my life to healing and helping others and I look forward to working with you.

I work and teach in Brighton, East Sussex.

Member International Alliance of Holistic Therapists


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