Past Life Assimilation

Past Life Assimilation allows us to delete a past life event or past life trauma at its source. By doing so, the entire thread and effect of this past life, is deleted as though it never happened.

We are all living out remnants of our past lives. Like a thread running through time, a moment from a past life stays with us now and impacts our choices, our relationships, our view of the world and much more.

A past life event can create a massive block in our present, even preventing us from living the life we wish for.
Past lives can create a blockage around relationships, finance, health and happiness. When we have cleared so much, but a blockage still remains, preventing us from moving forward, it may be worth exploring our previous lives.

Most past life healing techniques, such as regression, involve us viewing the past as an observer. But this doesn’t change much because the event, the person, still remains within our energy.

Past Life Assimilation sets you free from the mental, emotional and energetic blockages which stop you from manifesting the life you wish for by removing the thread that a past life event has created between then and now. The result is that we no longer feel tied to the duties that keep us from stepping forward into our full potential.

All sessions must be carried out in person and will be held in Brighton.

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