Magical Empowerment

Remembering Your Divine Light

In this beautiful healing session I welcome in all the light beings, ascended masters, magical beings and elements and so much more, to help you rediscover the magical light that lies within you, just awaiting activation.

By harnessing the magic of these energies we can create transformation within you, releasing stuck energies, clearing karmic lines, returning your sovereignity to you, empowering and bringing joy into your life, and so much more.

When we are truly open to the source of divine love, we are able to accept the help of light beings from across the spectrum. This is what a Magical Empowerment session is about.

By setting an intention for the healing we open ourselves up to the love and support of the universe. The results can be magical. You might be immersed in the magic of the unicorns or bathed in starlight.

In each session you will be receive exactly what the light beings wish to offer to you. All you need to be is receptive and open to their divine healing energy.

Along with all the loving light beings, we may also use ascended masters cards, crystals, light language, and the energies of the cosmos in order to create an outcome that will serve you best.

If you are open to rediscovering the magic within you, then a session of Magical Empowerment is just what you need.

“I felt amazing after the session. So full of light and joy. It was incredible.”

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