Light Language

Light language is the ancient language of the soul. It is spoken not with the mind, but through the heart of the individual.

Light language is exactly that Рit is a language of light, which is perceived  by the pineal gland as light.

The light creates vibrations within the body and energy, which gently eases blockages and brings deep feelings of peace and wellbeing.

I often use light language within my healing sessions to deepen the changes brought through and to open doorways to allow the healing energies to flow more easily into the blockages.

If light language calls to you I offer personalised light language tracks. They can be tailored to your individual needs, whether for a physical blockage or to open a doorway to a new level of spirituality.

Crystals can also hold light language and a crystal can be attuned to the energy that you need. I generally use clear quartz but if you have a favourite crystal that calls to you, it can also be attuned.

The light language intention in the crystal will stay until it is cleared from it.

The fee for a track is £15.

The fee for a light language attuned crystal is £20.

Contact me for more information.