Oracle Card Readings

Oracle Card Readings - Helping Find Your Pathway

Oracle Card Readings help us navigate through the challenges that life throws at us. Unlike some tarot, there are no negative nor frightening images, only reassurance and possibility. A reading provides guidance on what you can do in life, not what you can’t.

Using the wisdom of the oracle cards and my connection to source and your higher beings, I can help you connect to the wisdom you need to continue your spiritual life journey. A card reading offers you the knowledge and guidance you need to grow and thrive.
When we have the spiritual skills to move forward again, we know we can overcome any obstacle we encounter.

During the oracle card reading, I channel messages from your guides, helpers, soul family, angels and whoever else wishes to assist you.

Oracle card readings can help you cope with the obstacles you face in life and give you the skills to handle them. Wisdom is shared in an empowering way so you will always feel capable of improving your situation.

A reading can help guide you on your future path and reassure you that you are on your right path.
It may also offer guidance on a relationship or help you see the effect of a relationship on you.
A reading can also help you step more powerfully onto your spiritual destiny.
You don’t need to be anyone special to deserve help from the divine beings who offer their wisdom.
If a loved one, who has passed over, comes through during the reading, the messages are kind and gentle.

A reading involves a mix of angel cards, goddess cards, starseed cards, Unicorn cards, and some spiritual cards from Peru (The cards of AN) in order to bring through as much guidance as possible.

During the reading, I may teach you some healing techniques to help you every day.
If you need general guidance or guidance for a particular question, or wish to make deeper contact with your soul or star family, then an oracle reading is for you.

I am a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®.

Readings are available in person, by video or by telephone.

 I am a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®.

Readings are available in person or by telephone.

All readings one hour.

Simply call me or email me to book a reading.

Tel: 07966528455

All readings are for entertainment purpose only.