Stepping Stones to the Stars

Have you ever looked at the stars and thought - That's my home

If this speaks to you, then you are a starseed. And if you are , then this course is for you. A day to explore your heritage, your home, and why you came here and your life mission. If you have ever felt lonely here on earth, then once you connect with your home, you will never feel alone again.

“Many aeons ago before time existed, before the stars exploded, we were one. We were the timeless energy of one. Everything connected, everything bound by the light. We were. In the silence of existence we belonged and we knew each other in our formless shapes, melded into the being of coexistence. Our light was indivisible and inextinguishable. We were the creator and the created.

And from this existence we chose a path. A small blue planet called us, like a new-born asking for the courage to step out into the world, to grow, to become and we answered its call. Some of us looked down and like a teardrop of light we descended into form and arrived on this planet of beauty and innocence. All before us was perfect in its way. We revelled in the joy of being individual, of having form and shape and being. And each night we looked to the stars, to our being, to our home and felt that connection and knew who we were.

But aeons passed and with each lifetime our separation grew. We began to experience pain and loneliness. We pulled on the strings of light but no reply came. We forgot that we were one, we forgot to shine. Some part of us still remembered to look but we had forgotten why. It was all a dream, an unreality harboured in a distant port.

But now is the time of great awakening. The knowledge of who we are returns. It can no longer be denied. You have existed in the shape of pain and suffering for too long. The indivisible divided and now it returns to one. The longing for being, for belonging has awoken you from your deep slumber and you look to the stars once more, but this time with your heart and not your eyes. Your wisdom tells you things your mind cannot fathom and it is this draw that calls you. Science will tell you, you are wrong, but you know, you feel and this cannot be denied. This will not be denied.

The wisdom of the ancient ones, of your tribe, of the stars is rising once more within you. It speaks to you and you are hearing. The call is answered by your heart and what your heart tells you is your truth. The moment you came to earth as a pure drop of light is replayed for you and with it the remembering of your soul’s journey and your offering to planet earth. As you open the inner doors to your wisdom, closed for so long, you feel, within your light cells, your purpose. In each cell resides a part of your star and as you remember they light up with your remembering. Your connection is soon complete and you will walk this earth in full service to others as you first intended, before you forgot. You are home.”


One day course in East Sussex. Contact me for further details and dates.