Stepping Stones to the Stars

Have you ever looked at the stars and thought - That's my home

If this speaks to you, then you are a starseed. And if you are , then this course is for you. A day to explore your heritage, your home, and why you came here and your life mission. If you have ever felt lonely here on earth, then once you connect with your home, you will never feel alone again.

During the last three years we have become and more aware of our connection to the stars in past lives or parallel existences.

But our past is often shrouded in a veil and remembering can be difficult.

In this one day course we are going to awaken your connection to your star home and bring your memories of your star lives closer.

We will help you to understand what a starseed is, and will call on the help of our star family to reconnent with our star DNA through  energy activations, including using light language.

And so much more.

This will be a day filled with love and hope.

At this time of Ascension we are being called to remember the love that we carry from the stars and understand what our role is at this time.

One day course in East Sussex. Contact me for further details and dates.