Psychic Development Course

Have you ever wondered if you are psychic?
Do you find yourself just knowing things and not sure how?
Do you feel as though someone is there protecting you?

On this psychic development course you can explore all these questions and more….

  • Learn about the types of psychic communication
  • Learn how to dowse – chakras, flower remedies and food and drink
  • Learn about auras, and how to read your own or others
  • Psychometry – learn how to read the energy of objects
  • Visualisation to meet your guides
  • 7 chakras and how they relate to psychic ability
  • How to recognise the symbols that you are being given and what they mean to you
  • Understanding the power of your thoughts and how they affect your goals
  • Learn how to tune into other people’s energy

And much more….

The courses are run in small groups or one to one. Dates can be arranged to suit you.

New Online Course coming in January 2022.

Six weeks from January 12th, every Wednesday evening. £150 investment from you.

Click here to register.

To book a place please call Christina on 01273 679999
or send me an email