Energy Alignment

yin and yang
We contain within us both the masculine and feminine forces, but these can become out of balance as we experience life, due to the pressure put onto us. This track will help create balance in both sides of us.
core star
The core star is the level of our divine essence. When we connect with our core star we feel like we have come home, returning to joy and peace.
Every day, every interaction that we have with others, leaves a trace within our energy. The more interactions we have, the more tangled our energy becomes with others. Eventually it becomes very difficult to know what are our feelings and what belongs to others. This track will clear away and untangle our energy from that of others, so that we feel clear once more.
hara line
The hara line is the line of intention that runs down through the centre of the body. When our hara line is in balance and straight then we can create and manifest with ease. However often our hara is displaced either too far forward or too far back, which then creates blocks to our manifestation. This track will help place your hara line in the right position.
connect with your heart
When we are surrounded by the energy noise of the world and everyone else it is very difficult to hear, feel and connect with our hearts. Spirit asked that this track be recorded to help us return to the wisdom of our hearts.
soul seat
The soul seat is the place of who we truly are. It is our link connecting us to our strength and our light. we empowering this connection we are better able to live in the perfection of our lives. Reestablishing this link gives us the strength to deal with the challenges that we face in life.
peaceful morning
Start the day with blessings from all our loving and helpful light beings.
Sometimes we close ourselves down for protection. But then we find it difficult to open up again. This track reopens our connection so that we once again feel connected to source.