Emotional Release

Emotional Release – Freedom from Our Negativity

If you feel that a particular emotional state is blocking your life then emotional release work may be the solution for you.

Each time we are hurt we hold the emotional pain of that trauma inside of us. That moment becomes locked. Then when we come across situations that remind us of that trauma, we not only have to deal with that new situation, we also have to deal with the pain from the previous situation. Our old memory becomes current again and impacts on the new situation.

We interpret a new situation not as it is, but through the eyes of our previous trauma.

Releasing these negative emotions can helps you find a peace and acceptance in your life. Holding onto your emotional pain only  manifests into deeper problems at a later time.

Releasing these emotional burdens can also help restore your broken relationships by removing past hurts, allowing a fresh start. By removing the emotions around the pain you become freer to move forward out of your pain and negative memories.

Week by week you release the negative emotions that you carry, through visualisation. This is a deeply powerful process, yet as it doesn’t actually require revisiting any old hurts it is gentle.

Clearing these emotions allows you to feel freer, happier and less burdened and to regain the sense of joy that you felt earlier in life.

Emotional release work uses a combination of energy therapies that includes visualisation, flower remedies, crystals and chakra and aura clearing.

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