base chakra
The base chakra is the foundation of who we are. It provides grounding, solidity, and a foundation for life. When it is blocked we do not feel empowered to be in control of our own lives. This track helps strengthen and clear this chakra.
crown chakra
The crown chakra is our connection to the cosmos and source energy. It helps us to achieve enlightenment and brings universal wisdom down into the body. A blocked crown can lead to feelings of being disconnected from source and from others. It may lead to feeling stuck in life and unable to move forward. This track helps clear and strengthen the crown chakra.
heart chakra
The heart chakra is the centre of love, kindness and empathy. A blocked chakra leads to us being judgemental, critical and possibly jealous. We will reject love of others and of self. This track helps clear and strenghten the heart chakra.
sacral chakra
The sacral chakra is the centre of our emotions and feelings. It represents our sexuality and creativity and confidence. When this chakra is blocked we may experience fertility issues, blocked emotions or negative emotions. This track helps clear and strengthen this chakra.
solar plexus chakra
The solar plexus chakra is our centre of will. It helps you tap into your power and creativity. You will have a strong sense of who you are and will feel loving towards yourself. A blocked chakra may lead to issues with digestion, weak will, blocked creativity, or a need to control all situations. This track will help clear and strengthen the solar plexus chakra.
third eye chakra
The third eye chakra represents our inner and spiritual vision. It is through this chakra that we see possibilites and can visualise the life that we wish to build. It also helps us to see energy of the higher dimensions and opens us up to spiritual experiences. This track helps clear and strengthen this chakra.
throat chakra
The throat chakra allows us to express our truth and to take responsility for ourselves by asking for our needs to be fulfilled. When our throat chakra is blocked we have difficulty in standing up for ourselves, giving our opinion and asking for what we want. We may also manifest a cough or sore throat. This track helps clear and strengthen the throat chakra.
activate higher chakras
Our upper chakras sit above our crown and link us to our cosmic self and the universe. Chakras 8  - spiritual skills and connection to spirit Chakra 9 -the soul seat. Our soul purpose Chakra 10 - divine creativity Chakra 11 - our magical and divine powers and prowess Chakra 12 - connection with the cosmos
Our earth star chakra sits about 12 inches under our feet and is our connection to Gaia and helps us ground our seven body chakras. Without this chakra we may feel disconnected from our beloved earth home.