Chakra Balancing

A Chakra is an area on the body of intense and focused energy.

As a chakra spins it acts as an opening, through which life energy flows. “Chakra” is the Sanskrit for wheel and indeed these spinning vortices of energy resemble wheels.

There are seven major chakras located from the crown of the head, along the spine, to the base of the spine. As energy is taken in through a chakra it is then distributed around the body. When a chakra is open and balanced it can feed the area of the body, to which it relates, keeping the body in health. Open chakras give us a sense of balance and an openess towards life.

If you are feeling imbalanced, dissatisfied, unable to express yourself, ungrounded or simply not flowing with life, then it may be that one or more of your chakras is out of balance or closed.

Chakra balancing not only repairs individual chakras but also helps to reconnect all your chakras so that your energy flows evenly through you again, restoring a wonderful sense of balance and bringing your life back into alignment.

Each chakra is associated with a different part of the body, mind and spirit.

Crown Chakra – Unity, selflessness, knowing, understanding.Problems may show as lack of inspiration or a sense of confusion (Located on the top of the head)

3rd Eye Chakra – Intuition, imagination, perception, insight. Problems may show as lack of concentration or tension. (Located in the centre of the forehead)

Throat Chakra – Communication, truth, loyalty, gentleness Problems may show as a fear of being heard, lack of willpower, being dishonest with others and oneself (Located in the throat)

Heart Chakra – Forgviness, compassion, love, harmony, peace. Problems may show as lack of stability in life, repression, difficult relationships (Located in the centre of the sternum)

Solar Plexus Chakra – Personal power, authority, laughter, warmth. Problems may show as anger, abuse of power, finding fault in others or ourselves, feelings of not being good enough (Located at the bottom of the sternum)

Sacral Chakra – Creativity, harmony, pleasure, sexuality, change. Problems may show as money problems, lack of empathy, jealousy, confusion (Located in the navel)

Base Chakra – Physical vitality, life force, grounding, will to live. Problems may show as insecurity, stiffness in our attitudes, fear. (Located between the legs)

If you feel you are out of balance, do send me an e-mail or give me a call to book a session.

Each session lasts 1 hour.