Ascension Tools

coping with change
As the world is shifting and our old structures falling, it may be hard to know where to anchor ourselves, This track comes from spirit to help us anchor ourselves in the loving energies of Gaia and the Universe.
giving up
The ascension journey is challening. We have moments when we think we would rather just hide our light and run away. This track is for those moments. To help you believe in the journey and to keep having faith.
The journey of ascension brings the shadow aspect of us into focus and this can be tough. So many lifetimes of pain can sit deeply within us as a soul sadness. This track will help lift this deep sadness.
The ascension journey can be truly exhausting. We can get hit by waves of sudden, seemingly unknown tiredness. Usually just when we were doing well. This track helps to lift the exhaustion so that we can keep stepping forward on our journey.
cleansing and clearing
Some days life can feel simply overwhelming. Too much negativity, too much stimulation, too much news, too many people. This track from spirit helps us to recentre and let go of all the overwhelm, to return to peace.
In these times of constant change it is really hard to know where we stand. Impossible some days to feel grounded. This track is to help us remain flexible energetically, emotionally and mentally, so that we can maintain balance even when it seems there is no stability beneath us.
shedding the old
As times change so quickly we often look back at our past in order to find a sense of stability and grounding. But we cannot stay in the past and as we grow and change we need to release our old energy so that we have time to expand energetically and emotionally. This track is designed to help us shed our old skin and find a new security in our new selves, just as a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.
soul purpose
It is truly hard in life when we end up just following a routine, and not what we wish. The ascension energies are really highlighting the fight within ourselves. How do we become brave enough to follow our hearts? These light languages tracks are here to help us find strength in our wishes and grounding that energy down into the earth.
light medicine
The changes within us, as we are flooded with light, can bring all manner of symptoms up. Pain, tiredness, confusion and so much more. This track is a type of light medicine, which helps us integrate all the light into our physical selves, easing the huge changes that we are experiencing. Listen as often as you need.
We have not been taught to love ourselves. Rather we have been programmed to believe we are bad, even evil. But the universe knows that we are beauty. This track comes to help us view ourselves in a kinder, more loving light. If you have a mirror it will be helpful.
ascension tools
We hold so much wisdom within. This track helps us recall the wisdom of our soul, opening the doorway for this wisdom to come through as we need it.
This ascension journey can make us feel unsafe at times. This track is to help us feel safe as the world changes so quickly.