Messages of Love and Remembering

What is truth?

Truth as a concept is very hard to grasp, for each person walks what they call their own path, fully individualised. But what they fail to see is that all paths converge, all paths are the one and the same. Truth does not have variations, there are no degrees of truth. We may perceive the truth differently, but this is because we are seeing through our own individual experiences, which have become “true” for us because we lived them at some point during our individualised journey.

But just because we experienced it, it does not make it the one ultimate truth. Only the creator energy Is the one ultimate truth, but again our experience of the creator energy is based upon our own unique experience of this energy and our connection and relationship to the source. To say that source is God, is your own interpretation, whereas some would say it simply is existence; existence without names nor titles nor attributes that we have applied to it.

The personality we have given to source is of our own making. Source would never remove this from us, nor correct us, for it is a part of our growth towards oneness; oneness with all that is, oneness with source.

So then what is truth? Truth is oneness. Truth is the state of just being in oneness. The rest, all that we fear, all that we crave, all that we think we are, is personality. And personality is not wrong, nor faulted. It is also of the divine creation, but to seek truth in the personality is where the downfall comes. To place our trust in that which is created by the longings of the personality, by the feelings of lack that reside within, is not truth.

When you connect your oneness with the oneness of all, know that you are all in oneness, then there is no lack, only the power of being as you always were – infinite, whole and as divine as the divine. Dismiss the rest, for this is all the truth you need.

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