Messages of Love and Remembering

An adventure of colour…

Do you know who you are? I used to think I did. I used to believe that I knew myself, that I could tell you who I was. But in reality all I knew was static, I knew who other people told me I was. I knew that the static image they had of me, was who I was.

But none of that was real. I was a manipulated image created by the minds and perceptions of others. They shaped my life and my character, and all that grew up through that image. In other words my whole life was created out of the beliefs of another. They became my god, my creative beings and in doing so I handed over all of my creative power to them. If they said I couldn’t do something, I accepted it as my whole truth.

I became afraid to step outside of their belief system in case I ended up lonely and yet more isolated. After all, to fit in with others is what keeps us alive and safe – or so we are told.

But we have to make a choice in life if we are to wake up. We have to choose to leave the comfort zone and become the warrior for our own spirit. It is not always, or rarely, easy at first, as all the old fears surface, and the world gathers to tell you to stop and retreat before it is too late to be accepted back into the fold. But by then it is too late to go back.

You have peaked outside and seen what is there. You have seen or sensed what untapped potential may lie ahead of you. Slowly, gingerly, you take another step and you discover that the ground did not disappear beneath your feet, the world did not crumble before your eyes, and that those who love you, love you still.

The table to offerings is laid out before you and your choices become myriad. This is freedom. To take only what delights and to leave that which does not. You begin experimenting like a child, with new paints – what shall you draw? What collage shall you build?

Finally there is no-one to tell you, you can’t. No-one to tell you you are wrong. Only your inner playful child to take you on adventures of colour that you couldn’t dream of previously.

This is not where the journey ends, this is where the fun begins. xx

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