Messages of Love and Remembering

You are who you are…

It is impossible to not be you. You cannot become someone else just by wishing it. You are you. You are yourself in every way imagineable. The journey is not become someone else, the journey is to love, fully and completely, whoever you are in this moment.

You are an amalgamation of all the lives that you have lived. YOU! You lived them, you felt the loss and the gains. You sang and laughed and cried. No other did this for you. To think that you can cover up this amount of lived lives, with a sheen of pretence in this lfietime, is foolhardy. You pretend to be vainglorious in the hope that this will divert attention away from the feelings of deep self neglect that you truly feel. Why do you feel this? Do you not see that your lifetimes have added to the mix to create the most glorious recipe of light and dark?

All things must be in balance and to hate the dark, to suspend your belief in the balance of light and dark, is to suspend your belief in life itself.

All have comitted sin, if you choose to use this word. The greatest sin of which is to believe yourself a sinner. Light cannot exist without dark. Life cannot exist without death, for there would be no rebith.

Put aside your thoughts of imperfection and recognise all the lives that have sprung forth from the soil of your eternal soul. All is life. The soil nurtures the seed, which in turn produces the plant which takes its place amongst the garden of existence. The plant will one day die and the soil will nurture yet another seed, another life. The journey of existence is endless. You cannot become another plant. You cannot wish yourself a flower, were you a weed. But what you forget is that the universe has not named you a weed. You are life. Not one more precious than another. Beauty does not only exist in a flower, it is in all plants, for beauty is life.

Fret not about what type of plant you are, for you are loved in the most exquisite way for your exquisite beauty. Turn your face now to the life giving sun and bask as you are, for you are all you need.

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