Messages of Love and Remembering

Building new structures…

You are not alone my child, you never were, but when the skies are full of darkness we cannot see the hands and the warm and loving hearts that reach out to connect with us. But this was how the dark ruled. If you cover the landscape in the cloak of fear and pain, no-one wishes to connect with another for fear of the pain that will come their way. So we built the enclaves, we closed the doors and we shut out the world that waited at our doorsteps to form a loving bond with us. This continued until division reigned throughout the earth.

Religion, politics all arose out of these to keep compliance and good behaviour at the forefront of everyone’s lives. You were born not to obey, but to journey, to explore, to feel, to see, to love. And the division places those joyful human needs below the controlling fear and division that kept the world hating itself and so hating others.

Still there are those who fear living, who fear the human existence. How is it to live in fear of the very thing that you are? Can you imagine a horse hating itself for having four legs? This is the insanity that has been wrought upon the earth.

The mists of this madness now begin to clear and all we see underneath are the broken remnants of the structures that once ruled in intolerance. The lights of the people are switching on and as they stand above these crumbling remnants, they pull together to build the new life that is coming, Our structures fall because the people did not support them, the light did not build them and the future does not call them.

When you weave together the strands of light that flow from individual to individual you have a web of divine purpose and a power of loving creativity. Out of this arises the new forms, the new shapes. Do not build them on fear, do not make the mistakes of the past. Build on love, build on hope, build on the joy of your human design. Be the architects of

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