Messages of Love and Remembering

The Light Incarnate…

Out of the infinite darkness there arose a light, never seen before within the creative realm of the blossoming cosmos. It was unique and alone, but knew in itself that it was never alone for it stood within the framework of love. The light began its journey of expansion and within itself it discovered its own powers of creation, the ability to hold within itself  the possibilities of all time. It sensed the god within and felt that it had a place within this vast universe.

Not with greed did it grow. It flourished through desire to experience more, to no longer be confined to the light of a star, so chose the path of incarnation, to join the brothers and sisters who had previously taken this path. The longing to touch, to feel physical sensation, to taste, to smell. All these delights awaited the newly formed light. And so the mother and the father were chosen and the light inserted itself into their lives, all hoping for the divine blessing that would bring joy to all.

But the journey is not always as smooth as hoped. The pain of previous loss shouted out loudly and at times the light wondered why it had chosen this path. But always a spark of remembering existed and as small as that spark was, it resonated with those who the light sought out, so that the spark grew larger until the flame of love rose up through all of the physical vessel in which the light resided. This was the process of remembering.

And in a sudden rush, the light knew who it was and remembered the choices it had made. The path was now open and the light began to take the first steps toward becoming the whole that it had long ago desired to be.

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