Messages of Love and Remembering

The communion of the stars…

It was in the burst of the stars that we were created, that all life was born. Pure from the source. No sin was present for life had not yet learned to judge one another. Not yet individuated, not yet separated and yet consciousness was present, just awating the unfolding of time that was to come.

The beauty of just being was the joy that held all together. One source, one life, one constant. A beautiful energy soup of winged creatures shining they light unhindered into the vast reaches of the universe.

Each soul awating their arrival point, awaiting their destination as an individuated from. Excited to find their place amongst the bright, newly made stars that glittered through the night sky all around them.

And so life began and paradises were formed all throughout the galaxies. And eternal bonds were forged throught the hand of friendship and love and shared experiences as a new being of physical form.

This was long before the hand of darkness ripped them from their paradises, long before the seeds of greed were sown. When hearts knew nothing of pain or loneliness and we each shone as intended. That light still glows inside of us, still calling us home, still shelterging our dreams of long ago, our memories of that communion.

The branches of our pasts together still reach out into the cosmos, callling to our soul family, to our eternal bothers and sisters. And when they touch they spark a remembering. A cornerstone of our life becomes alive once again in our consciousness and we awaken a little more to the truth of who we are still.

Gradually the branches are extending further into the universe, touching more sleeping souls, stirring them in their dreams, whispering truths as they sleep, until the questioning becomes so intense that awakening is the only path they can take.

Then the forest begins to be rebuilt and in that place all life can flourish. Even in the dark corners there is life, for all is oneness again and our lights merge once more into a spectrum of all colours. xxx

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