Messages of Love and Remembering

Frequency and Vibration

The whole galaxy is a frequency. It vibrates at the frequency of life creation. All thought is vibration, it too resonates at the level of creation, and so the words, “I think therefore I am” have more power than you had thought, for it is not about simply being but about the creative possibilities inherent in every life.

All souls are creators, none less powerful nor capable than another. Some choose to resonate with money, some with fame and some with faith. There is no judgement upon your vibration, for you all free to create as you wish. But when you create with your heart’s desire, it is then that you align yourself with the universe and all are blessed through this alignment.

Selfish creation only benefits the creator, whereas heart’s desire benefit all. Every person has the ability to generate what they wish. It is all about choices. What you consider to be bad, or evil (such as some people think about money) you will not create this, because you have closed the door to such possibilities.

But be open to all and your vibration, your frequency, will be endless. It is this way with disease. The frequency by which you choose to live will influence the direction a disease will take, upon visiting the body. What you do not resonate with, will gain no foothold within the body. And hence health will rule.

But fear creates too, and if you hold onto the fear that pervades all aspects of society, then the universal diseases will spread far and wide.

It take courage to be the one to separate oneself from the rest and chime to a different note than the others, but this is where you chose to be. To be the one in the orchestra who dares not to play as instructed, but to be free form, a floating note above the rest, differentiating itself from the crowd. And it is here that the cosmos awaits to connect you to the one truth – that you are free to be as you wish. xx

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