Messages of Love and Remembering

Imagine a place…

Imagine a place and a time when the voice of the soul spoke clearly through the physical form. A time when freedom was all and none was wronged for their thoughts. Imagine a place where the sun rose beyond the hills and touched all the souls with the warmth of love, and not just light. A place where we sought counsel from our souls and guidance from our hearts. A place of truth and openness, of honesty and caring, where  none was cast aside. Once upon a time this was the blessed earth, our home, our  mother, our family.

That place still resides in your memory, sitting awaiting activation so that we may return. The road to that place is buried within your DNA and you hold it still, for it is forever with you, merely lost during the dark days but never gone.

Now the light of our beautiful ascension comes to open the doorway to this road once more and the journey back to what once was, can begin. Change may seen scary, but you are only going home. The long dark night is nearing its end and the sun is breaking through, both here and in your hearts. The divine does not choose shall be blessed, for no matter your supposed crimes, you are her child, special and loved equally. You fear punishment but all you will find is your own heart and the joy of reunion with your soul.

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