Animal Healing

As a dog owner I know how heartbreaking it is when my dog is unwell or feeling down. I look after myself and my dog deserves the same care and attention. I have seen over the years how my dogs and horses have enjoyed and responded so positively to healing.  All our beloved pets of all sizes have a unique soul and an energy system that responds to healing. Both Reiki and Pellowah can be used on all species of animals.

The beauty of treating an animal is the natural way in which they respond. They will often go into a very deep state of relaxation.

Reiki can be given in person and at a distance. Pellowah, as it requires the animal to lie still for up to an hour, is easiest given at a distance.

Both Reiki and Pellowah can be used when the animal is under veterinary care, but they are not substitutes for veterinary care.

Please note diagnoses cannot be given and you should always seek veterinary advice for a sick animal.

If you would like any information regarding healing for your pet please do contact me.