Awakening The Divine Within

My name is Christina and I work from my beautiful therapy room in central Brighton, East Sussex.

If you have found this page, trust that you are here for a reason. Your soul is looking for an answer to the questions that have arisen. Together you and I, and our guides, angels and star family, can find your truth. There is no need to fear asking for help – come and STEP INTO YOUR LIGHT.

I am here to awaken the Divine Within You and to help you to remember your star heritage. If you are struggling with finding peace in yourself, are in pain, are interested in reaching your highest potential or discovering what gifts you have to offer to this world, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I use a mix of healing, oracle cards, guides and angels, and light language to help you to release the briliance of the light of your soul.

If you are ready to shine your light as brightly as possible to illuminate your own path, and the path for others who are lost,  I am here to help you. xxx

Concessions available.

COVID-19. Please click COVID to read current Covid-19 rules of treatment.

Email: christina@stepintoyourlight.co.uk

Tel: 01273 679999

Mobile: 07966 528455